What options do I have to pay my monthly assessment(s)?

Homeowners may pay their assessments online by logging in to the homeowner portal under the Billing menu. From here, homeowners can click on "Make a Payment" and you will then be directed to Alliance Association Bank, your community’s bank. There you can make payments that will be applied directly to your assessment account. Please be advised that a processing fee is charged for payments made by credit card. There is no fee for payments made by recurring debit or e-check.

How do I obtain copies of HOA disclosure documents for the sale or refinance of my home?

Maryland law requires the seller provide certain disclosure documents to the purchaser as part of the real estate transaction. Vanguard is pleased to partner with HomeWiseDocs to provide a seamless way for homeowners to obtain disclosure documents, questionnaire forms, certificates of insurance, and much more. Please visit HomeWiseDocs for more information.

What dues do I pay in Tanglewood?

If you live in the townhouses or condos, you have 2 monthly dues to pay. 

Tanglewood Homeowners Recreational Association (THRA) - is the umbrella association. $46/month applies to all dwellings in Tanglewood: single family homes, townhouses, and condos. THRA must be paid in order for access to the pool.

If you live in a single family home, this is the only monthly dues for the community.

Property Management: Vanguard Management.

Stockbridge Condo

Property Management: First Service Residential.

Ashley Place

Property Management: Tidewater Property Management.

Trash, Recycling, Yard Waste & Bulk Trash

The Tanglewood Homeowner Recreational Association does not provide trash, recycling, yard waste or bulk trash collection for residents of Tanglewood.

The Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection manages recycling and yard waste collection in the community. If you feel that the county missed your recycling pick-up, please call 311 to report.

To find out what day the County collects recycling and yard waste for your home, click here.

To review the recycling holiday schedule, click here.

To request a recycling bin, click here.

Snow Removal

Montgomery County requires ALL residential property owners to clear the adjacent public sidewalks within 24 hours of the end of a snowstorm. This is the case whether the walk is in front of your home, at the side of your home or at the rear of your home, as long as it is adjacent to your property. All single-family residents are also responsible for clearing their own walkways and driveways. The Association is responsible to clear sidewalks which abut the common areas near the pool and guardrail area along Beethoven  Boulevard. Some roads in the community are owned and plowed by Montgomery County, and some are owned and plowed by either the Ashley Place or Stockbridge Associations.

For more information on snow removal, click here.